Thursday, March 31, 2011

More on LINQ

in case you're wondering if you could ever get more about LINQ ... the .NET Guru Jon Skeet had decided to give it another look and some more explanation, he has a new ebook out about LINQ (or best yet, reimplementing them)

read the explanations here ->
read the e-book here ->

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm back

With my last post, I guess this blog is officially back!
I'm currently working as a software developer and I mostly work with ASP.NET/C# and occasionally some VB.NET. I'm learning ASP.NET MVC and it definitely looks like a pretty awesome framework.

More binary thoughts to come...


Linq bridge, LINQ for .NET 2.0

I was pretty excited when I saw this .... if you've been using LINQ and love the ease of it and wished it existed for .NET 2.0 (for older projects), you're not out of luck.

This website --> explained why it is possible to use LINQ on top of .NET 2.0 and provided a DLL for it.
Also see their Google Code page --> it has some good examples on their WIKI site as far as how to use LINQ Bridge ...

whooop! (a  Texas Aggie jargon for excitement.)

until next time.